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Whidbey Island stole our hearts eight years ago when we found our cozy home in Freeland. Outside of our house we found friendly people, gorgeous wildlife and farm animals, and picturesque landscapes. We love to eat out on the island and wanted to do our part to feed our friends and neighbors, serving quality, affordable, hand made food. Our inspiration is the wonderful street food of Mexico with it’s fresh ingredients and hot-off-the-griddle hand made tortillas. We hope you will enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy making it!


The Perfect Taco

In our search for a better taco, we found that the Pacific Northwest seemed to be lacking the choices that our neighbors who live farther south enjoy. We wanted to create authentic Mexican favorites as well as add some twists of our own featuring diverse international fillings. We have lots of ideas, ranging from Korean BBQ Pork Tacos to Lebanese Hariissa Steak Tacos. Message us with your own ideas for the perfect TACO!



Connect with Rocket Taco

Keep up to date with with us on Facebook and Instagram and look out for new creations from the kitchen as well special promotions we might have from time to time. We also want to hear from you! Send us your pictures of your Whidbey Island life or your experience at Rocket Taco!

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